Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Feature?

You must be invited by someone who is featured already or Invited directly by our team directly.

Being feature can help me get verified on instagram?

The short answer is  IT CAN HELP, being featured does not guarantee Instagram verification. But their team does  consider it. 

Will my article get deleted over time?

We won’t delete the article, it will stay until the person or business being feature contacts us to remove it.

Do i have to be famous ?

Not necessary, you must have a special talent, or impacted your local community 

Would i come out on google?

It will be easier and faster to find about you on the web

Can i feature my business ?

Yes is simple just email us and we will send you a form to fill up.

Do i have to be 18+ to be feature ?


Do i have to be from LA ?

Our viewers are locals, but we would like to connect people from all over the world.